Started as a cover band, LUCILLE mostly playing grunge and japanese rock music. Even though they having fun playing covers and people love it, but still they didn't satisfied because people wouldn't see LUCILLE as 'true LUCILLE'. All the members were grew up in the 90's music era and inspiring them to make a great songs like 90's musician did. With many cover experiences, they come up with an idea to combine American, British, Japan and Indonesia rock music style into one genre and starting to write and record original songs. In 2015, they joined Sirkus Records from Jakarta and the journey begins to spread their music with their first album INNOCENT.

"A sophisticated performance and strong production by this four-piece from West Java, Indonesia. Like a lot of groups from the Far East, they somehow contrive to sound as American as the Stars & Stripes. There's a grunge vibe in the chorus which has echoes of Pearl Jam in their pomp. The song begins with talk of pain and fear - "I'm so close I feel the darkness" - and then opens up with a great sense of release as the chorus comes sweeping in: "I'll see you in the morning light." This is old-school, arena-strength rock with a definite touch of class."

Song Review "Darkness" by David Sinclair

(former contributor, pop and rock critics from Rolling Stone UK, Q, and Kerrang)

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