Metal/Hardcore From South Tangerang

We are Summer Six from Brotherly Squad Management South Tangerang, Indonesian

Music to be appreciated
Music to be enjoyed
Music is the freedom to express their imagination

Starting from Sam & Randy who hopes to succeed in the music underground, so we formed this band since 2006.


The formation history of the Summer Six
Summer Six is a band that originated from South Tangerang, Indonesian. The beginnings of the band formed in 2006 .Summer Six name itself is taken from where the circumstances at that time was the summer ( Summer ) and we are consists of 6 ( Six ) , so we agreed to use this name as the name of our band . Learn and keep practicing, running and continues to develop insight into the music then we really blind about music.

Over the past 2 years we played music with Pop genre until 2008. We began to recognize different types of music than pop, Rock, Punk, Metal. about 2 year the band also had frequent personnel changes due to differences in vision and mission. Sam and Randi are 2 people who survived from the initial formation of this band. We are determined to reach success and did not want the band wasted just destroyed even though we were alone. Since the beginning of 2013 we 've found some solid and pick the same vision and mission is Andrian, Vman, Chalvin and Anin.

Each personnel have different backgrounds and different basic but we had the same vision and mission in music. Genre stretcher which we today are metalcore , and we want to show to everyone that the majority prefer a more soft music such as pop music and stuff that hard or metal bands like us do not have to always be underestimated.

We are determined to be a successful band and is known not only in Indonesian but also outside Indonesia . We also want to give more color in the world of Indonesian music with the kind of music that we influenced of foreign bands and our arrangements.


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