We are an indonesian metal band base in padang (west sumatera), we form this band on March 2008. We are originally 5 pieces out fits musician that play a diverse/wide range/many variety kinds of music, which is form by Bayu (vocal ) Apit (guitar) Tommy (guitar) Dicky (bass) Dedek (drum). Basically on the beginning we play kind of heavy rock, rock and roll and hard rock music. Within the improvement of skill, music and idea from each player, the band got many kinds of trouble and disagreement from all aspect and source to keep the band form and it existent. In 2011 after struggle to keep the band running, Tommy and Bayu decided the band to play metal (genre) and started to form the band with new/another members. In that year, galang (guitar) join the band to replace apit. Galang also played kind of metal scene with bayu before. Ryan (drum) also join on that year which is already replace Dedek before, although he just as additional player. Then, Wido (bass) join the band where he was recommended by galang. In 2014 the band decide to record and make an album, in the middle of that processed, bayu decided to left the band because family and job. And again, the band is to be ask for keeping the existent and decide to looking for new or replacement for vocalist, after looking for another vocalist to replaced bayu the band was stuck and got no one to fit in and find no solution, then decided to recorded vocal for the album with all member that still play on the band. From that on till now The band still play metal and keep the last form to continue, the form are • Galang (Guitar/Vocal) • Ryan (Drum/Vocal) • Wido (Bass/Vocal) • Tommy (Guitar/Vocal)


Contact : Phone : +62 751 811454 (Cimay) Add : jl. Garuda II no.8 Kelurahan Sarang Gagak, Padang Sumbar – Indonesia Email : Zealband@rocketmail.com - Instagram : @zealmetalofficial - Twitter : @OfficialZeal - FB : Zeal Band Indonesia