At the 2010, VEID are formed as a metal band. Bandung are their hometown, also well - known as a place who gave birth to great musician. With their first name was called as "Grand Surapati Core".
Grand Surapati Core spent the half of three years to rockin the small to half - middle show in Bandung, Indonesia. On 2013, Grand Surapati Core was started to record their own songs, and put into their own Extended Playlist album called: "Wrath of Hatred". 
Their records, produced, packing, and also sells all by them self. Since 2014, "Grand Surapati Core" was choosing to picked a brand new name. And finally they'd picked VEID as their new name. They also wants to rebuild the image, and making up the music much better than before.


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sms/call : 0895371991619
whatsapp : 08562069615
Komplek matahari regency block C3 NO 10 baleendah, Bandung