Alternative/Twinkly rock group THE SUN GOES DOWN formed in early 2017. THE SUN GOES DOWN was close friend project of four teenagers. Krisno on vocal, Dhani on guitar, Farusma on bass and Winaldy senna on beat. The first Single “POISON” was released in early 2018. The Single “POISON” is the first self-produced song by THE SUN GOES DOWN. The impressionistic poetry adorned with heavenly romanticism, deep feeling and emotional attachment. After successfully releasing the first single, THE SUN GOES DOWN decided to have a break for a while. THE SUN GOES DOWN was reunited in early 2019 and had some concert in Java, Indonesia. 2020 is the busiest year for THE SUN GOES DOWN. first album will be out in 2020. During the album production, THE SUN GOES DOWN got some problems due to the Covid-19. This difficulties during Covid-19 triggered THE SUN GOES DOWN to create a song about this global pandemic. The song was released in some music platforms. THE SUN GOES DOWN is an emo rock band that provide twinkly-heavy riffs to make heads bang emotionally, aggressive breakdown that kick up the dust. THE SUN GOES DOWN is also a big sing-along that have the crowd to jump.