Starting Yesterday

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    Nikmati Hari Ini (New Single 2017)

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    When I First Meet You At Highschool (Demo Single 2012)

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  • Joe Edward

    Vocal / Guitar
  • David Manr

    Bass / Back Vocal
  • Matthew Xana


Starting Yesterday is a Breakthrough Poppunk Band Based in Bali, Indonesia. Formed by: Joe Edward (Vocal/Guitar), David Manr (Back Vocal/Bass), Matthew Xana (Drum). First time we just an ordinary boys who have a big dream, who loves the same genre (poppunk), and make our own music, playing on the stage and the girl will shouting our name.. In the middle of 2010 we have a first gigs on a youth party show, we dont have a name for this band, and suddenly the mc said "okay,please welcome BANANA (mean Bandnya Xana), oh we shocked and nervous.., and suddenly we said "our band is STARTING YESTERDAY" we think thats a good name for the band and easy to remember..