SABI is a brand referred to perception of the word “BISA”, which means “capable to do something” in Indonesian dictionary, has an analogy as positive motivation and optimism for each band members. Capable in the meaning of, being able to give creative ideas through indie (independent) music that SABI thinks as one of the ways to distribute the music freely without disregarding the aesthetic element when playing the music instruments. SABI was formed by a bunch of youngsters from Pekanbaru city in Riau province where the each members basically had different genres of music. At the beginning, the members met & got acquainted when they competed with each other on the local event. Based on the urge to improving the musicality better, SABI finally established on December 10, 2011. A lot of new bands appeared with their unique music colors when the music industry in Indonesia experienced an extreme revolution phase, led SABI to participate in contributing to give a new idea of music into an arrangement of modern rock genre combined with electronic instrument. SABI is evolved to be a strong and bold character band to continue producing the new songs without disregarding the taste of music enthusiasts in Indonesia and international. Mid-2013 became the beginning of the new SABI’s active period until now, after previously they actively participated & won competitions of local acoustic band. SABI must be brought their own songs from many competitions that SABI ever participated, that was the beginning where SABI found their musical identity. The band members are Berto (vocalist), Kevin (guitarist), Ryan (bassist), Wawan (drummer), and Riski (synthesizer). SABI has a strong will and determination to successfully build a new image from the result of shared orientation among members for years.


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