Roots Side Up

  • Febry Ramadhani

  • Afrizal Firdaus

    Bassist/Back Vocal
  • Busran Ramadhan

    Lead Guitarist
  • Rama Deskha


Come with madness! Roots Side Up or it was known as RSU was founded by Vocalist Febry Ramadhani on 2019 in capital city of East Borneo, Samarinda. and so far also often seen on most every Gigs in their Hometown and take a part for local Pop Punk scene movement, RSU have their own music and you could say they can make it to easy listening but doesn’t lose a sense of Pop Punk itself for now, LOL. there have a change some personnel over and over again, gone, leave, had a fail until only Febry Ramadhani and Afrizal Firdaus as Bassist and Back Vocal be the last man standing. but thanks to consistency, since 2020 RSU stand and jump with Busran Ramadhan as Lead Guitarist, and the last man who join the band Rama Deskha as Drummer. With confidence to their upcoming debut single called “When You Feel Alone” hopefully can be a ticket for their next step.


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