RASVAN AOKI, duo band from Surabaya. Reflecting through second biggest city in indonesia’s music scene, they create something fresh in the industry. Starting from 2012, they accidentally play their first “jamming song” called “Rindu”, which encourage them to create an album from it. Their music combines many genres, such as reggae and jazz mixed with Rythem and blues, sometimes swing melodies, also it’s coming from Aoki’s sweet but lazy tone colour. Augmented with complex instrumentation, including guitars, saxophone, piano, cello, bass and drums, their first album offers a honest bunch of stories from everyday love and mournful feelings spilled out by Aoki and Rasvan. Rasvan Aoki got the attention from indie record label from capital city Jakarta in Indonesia’s called De Majors, which released their first album titled “TYAGA” on february 23rd, 2018.


+62 822 4444 2053 rasvanaoki@gmail.com