Mad Madmen

What was once a trio of uncertain prospect, KALAM MAHARDHIKA (Guitarist/Vocalist) and MARVIN MUHAMMAD (Bassist/Vocalist) recruited THAREQ SATRIA (Drums) on March of 2018. Within 2 months of forming, the trio were granted their first gig on June 3rd 2018 playing for Pelita Harapan University’s Architectural stream’s annual ‘Senandung Arsitektur’ event. ​ At that time, the trio was un - named, and were intended as a core group for Guitarist Kalam’s solo project, playing a majority of instrumental tunes. However, within those 2 months and 4 rehearsals later, 2 songs were born and the trio had successfully reconceptualized themselves. With the help of an online ‘Wu-Tang name generator’, inputting each member’s name resulted in ‘Mad Madman.’ By means of plural fixation, KALAM, MARVIN, and THAREQ would later dub themselves as ‘MAD MADMEN’. ​ Funk oriented grooves with narrative emphasis became the foundation of MAD MADMEN’s music. After 5 months of musical interplay, the trio would later find uncanny chemistry, and solidified the lineup permanently. Later on, with a history of extensive musical partnership and personal friendship, the dynamic of the band shifted as MARVIN and KALAM started co - writing songs, thus expanding the musical palette of the band. What was once a trio that focused lyrically on personal mishaps, mental health issues, and spiritual awareness, added to their repertoire pairing MARVIN’s adept knowledge of harmony and chord structures, KALAM’s angsty and dynamic lyrics, and THAREQ’s minimalistic appropriately supporting rhythm.