His name is Dunie  Djanuartha, he starting learn to  produce  some  electronic dance music with drumnbass as a sub genre since 2006, he got some experience in stage as a DJ to make some power in rhythm and tunes.       

Then in the middle of 2013, he staring producing some music again as a name of  the project that called Godstonemarket, collaboration with some musician, singer, mc and rapper also doing a few remixes. In early 2015 finally release one of the track in digital store including beatport and itunes. And on August, two  more singles tracks get online and ready to rock on your sound system. Actually Godstonemarket has 9 tracks original and 2 tracks remix, all the tracks are ready done to listened and then launch them to public and media. In this 2016,Godstonemarket ready to promote them sound with the concept as a live band.  

Godstonemarket are an electronic music band concepts from a record label called Oraclesoundlab Rekords. In music, Godstonemarket brings some roots of  dub and D&B tunes as their genre's. Godstonemarket are just established in this 2016 with first team Jonskee as a Rapper, Titania as a singer, Dunie as a DJ programmer + guitarist and Dayat as a Drummer.  




081236340346 / 081236371378 (Sarif Hidayat)