Fall In Autumn

Fall In Autumn is an alternative rock band formed in late 2018. Fall In Autumn began to take its name on music events since they were formed. In mid-2019, Fall In Autumn entered the studio to work on their debut E.P album "Alter Ego". an ambitious E.P album which is known as the beginning of Fall In Autumn in the music industry. The E.P album "Alter Ego" contains 5 songs that tell story about a person's personality, feelings, emotions, and war. The E.P title "Alter Ego" is taken from the song with the same title in the album, and is also a representation of the different musical backgrounds of each member of Fall In Autumn. "Alter Ego" will be released in March 2020. Fall In Autumn consists of Robby Roy (vocalist/guitarist), Aldy Trifantika (vocalist/guitarist), Willy Sangaji (bassist), Senda Putra (drummer)


0895367030331 - Aldy - fallinautumnbatam@gmail.com