Dely Winstead

DELY is an exceptional male instrumentalist hailing from Indonesia who masterfully blends electronic, easycore, pop punk, and power pop to create a unique sound that captivates audiences worldwide. Before embarking on his successful solo career, DELY honed his skills as a member of the popular band One Foot Japan and The Secrets Between. In 2020, DELY burst onto the scene with his debut single "Sungai Januari," which quickly gained momentum and earned him a legion of loyal fans. The following year, he continued to push the boundaries of his music by releasing two new singles, "Cavivi" and "Jalan Senang," which showcased his experimental and innovative approach. DELY's debut album, Genessa, released in the same year, features seven captivating tracks, each a sonic journey that highlights his remarkable talent for creating immersive soundscapes. The album includes the hits "Sena," "Avillera," "Cavivi," "Kalandra," "Quintella," "Sungai Januari," and "Irin," among others, which have cemented DELY's status as an emerging star in the industry. In 2022, DELY proved his versatility and growth as an artist by releasing two new singles, "Slofa" and "Time Dilation," that showcased a unique synth sound and powerful guitar distortion. In 2023, DELY released his latest single, "Make it Louder Than Any Other," a high-energy track that gave fans a sneak peek of his upcoming album. DELY's music is a testament to his creativity, artistry, and passion for making noise that resonates with his fans. His hope is to continue to inspire others to pursue their dreams and create music that speaks to the soul.