CJ (Camelia Jonathan)

  • CJ (Camelia Jonathan)

    Vocalist, Producer, Songwriter, Sequencer

Growing up listening to mid-90s music and a big fan of pop music, CJ found both passion and challenge in creating pop songs that are easy to love by young generation, yet sound fresh. Throughout 2012 to 2014, CJ was known among the communities as a YouTube Creator who applied collaborative methods both in the aspect of creating and releasing her works with young individual and creative communities in Indonesia. For the last 5 years, CJ has continued working behind-the-scenes as a female digital music producer. Some of her works have won song competitions in national level, such as ZGWG Passion of Sound Indonesia 2015 and Waste4Change Songwriting Contest 2019. She is ready to greet music lovers with her new song make a comeback to perform her best works on stage.


0856-8404-714 (Fenty), cjcamjoe@gmail.com