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Christian Kartøno Apriansyah Silaen - better known as Christian Kartono, is an Indonesian rock musician, advocate, worship leader, singer, songwriter, music arranger and businessman. Best known as the throat of the Indonesian rock band Pølice Militia, it’s been years from 2008 and is the band's frontman, co-lead vocalist, primary songwriter, composer and spirit. He is the owner and chairman of Christian Rock Management. Before fronting PM (initialism for "Police Militia"), Chris was the vocalist and guitarist for his junior high school band [Xaverius 2 Pahoman] Black Fabulous and his high school band [SMA Negeri 2 Bandar Lampung] Child Of Mama. Christian Kartono announced through social media that he is working on a new solo album, Chris K. Silaen " Sang Seniman Berhati " also known for his numerous solo works, Kartono maintains his own masterpiece solo project, and released his debut independent. Chris K. Silaen was born on April 21, 1992, in Bandar Lampung, Lampung. His parents comes from Medan, North Sumatera. His father named, T.Silaen, S.E. and his mother named, R.Purba S.Pd. Half toba and half simalungun sweet veteran's grandson H. Simarmata known to his childhood playmates as " Ucok " (from his bataknese blood). Chris Kartono first approached art is paint, little magician began painting at an early age and won so many kindergarten trophies [Fransiskus 2 Bandar Lampung]. Continued in elementary school [Fransiskus 2 Bandar Lampung], aside from his musical career, Daddy's little boy began his childhood adventure with his magical football, " Small Candle " burning as the top score and the best striker in 2003 Pro Lampung Cup, Super Champion CK 10 was awarded as a little VIP to becoming All Stars [football] and by the time he was 16 as a wonderful kid, C.Kartono A.S represent his province Lampung in Megawati Soekarno Putri National Cup U-17 as the striker of PDI-Perjuangan F.C. in Surabaya. And the story goes on, the frontman of " The Militia Messenjah " is also the worship leader of Nothing Withøut Lord Movement, Officium Nobile Law Enforcer, Lampung AllStar [troubadour], half of Moses Indonesia Band, the former announcer of the 94,4 FM OZ Radio, politician, author, public speaker, activist, visual artist, multi-instrumentalist, vocal instructor, illustrator, actor, bomber and footballer. Described as a pioneer of the " Christian Rock " worship movement, Christian Kartono started leading worship and playing guitar during his junior high school years. Young " Chriz K " is the worship leader, guitarist, singer-songwriter who primarily writes praise and worship songs in " Ekklēsia " movement at his local Church, when he was born again and planted in Indonesian Methodist Church. Christian composed " Angels Are Singing " in 2009 and it has become one of the most well-known P.M song. He wrote down that beautiful powerful song in his very young age and when he presented it to Police Militia, short story, that song become deadly spectacular sharp weapon to win all of the band festivals both local and national. God decided to put His blessing on this song, in 2010, Police Militia recorded this single in Republik Cinta Management Legend Studio, with Iwan Hoediarto from Saint Loco as the music director. Pure talent with beautiful heart, beautiful personality and beautiful voice to testify the truth, with hypnotic brown eagle eyes and natural black hair the mighty handsome rockstar Christian Kartono is one of the best original iconic artists out there and has become an influential figure. He is known for his sexy female voice vocal, falsetto and also his soulful tenor singing voice, powerful wide vocal range and ability to comprehensively alternate between melodic, spoken word, growl, screamed vocals and even rap. His music has crossed many genres, including pop, emo, R&B, soul, gospel, jazz, dance, hip-hop, blues, funk, reggae, christian rock, punk, grunge, hardcore, art rock, indie rock, alternative rock, experimental, electronica, metal, nu metal and metalcore. Chris K states his musical roots as pop, R&B, and rock, all of which are apparent in P.M. Christian Kartono a.k.a C.K, " Sang Pengrajin Kata " possesses a light lyric tenor voice, which spans three and a half octaves. His main instruments are guitar and piano, though he also uses instruments including electronic instruments, keyboards, bass guitar and drums, he often incorporates " erratic " dancing into his performances and often explore his vocals. Daddy's little boy received his very first guitar when he was a baby and he wrote down most of his songs on his first accoustic guitar from the man who was his inspiration, his Father, and used a wide variety of key signatures, such as "Emosi Cinta", "My Tragedy", "Skenario Baru [Militia Dibahuku Semangatku]", "Sisa Hati", "Supernatural [Indonesia]", "Hari Bahagia [Damai Dan Cinta]", "Angels Are Singing", "Trauma", "Mahakarya", "Biru", "Langit Dan Mentari", "Ini Janjiku", "Father I Want To Talk", "Dia Itu Tuhan", "Sayap Tuk Lewati Gelap", "Surga Diatas Bumi", "Siapa Yang Bilang?", "Revolution", "Ibu", "Menjaring Angin", "Pluviophile Nyctophilia [Tak Saling Mengenal]", "Sudahi Cinta Yang Salah [Dimadu]", "Jangkar", "Yang Terbaik [Selamat Ulang Tahun]", "Baik Saja", "Kesatria", "Karma", "Siap Hati", "Demi Hari Nanti", "Beda", "Masih Cinta", "Bukan Milikku", "Hidup Karena NafasMu", "Sang Penyambung Lidah", "Percaya", "Yesus", "Benar", "Emmanuel", "No Hope", "Ratu Jiwaku" and still many more. Christian's songwriting journey tends to be very dynamic, and he often employs a wide range of different instrumentation, including, but not limited to: guitar, violin, cello, trumpet, saxophone, synthesizer, psaltery, harp, flute, stringed instruments, organs, piano, gondang, sarune, high sounding cymbals, techniques including programming, sampling and looping. Along with being a guitarist, chris is also a drummer. As a male solo singer, C. Kartono once represented Lampung, his land of birth and grew up at National Festival in Lombok and Ubud, Bali. As a representative of the Sumatran Lion, Kartono was grateful to also have a unforgettable wonderful opportunity to participate in Konspirasi Indonesian Grunge Band on their Sumatran Tour with Om Bagus NTRL & Didit Saad. Kartono is ex-incorporated in DPD AMPI Lampung as a Young Cadre and Lampung Musicians Association [Himpunan Musisi Lampung]. Aside from being an exceptionally most gifted talented male singer endowed with beautiful mellifluous voice, the humble person " Chris-K " (stylized as CHRIZ-K) also has this one of radiant, gentle, graceful, romantic, charismatic, charming, prowess, humorous, supreme self-confidence and flamboyant kind persona, it's no surprise girls scream for this taurus man, chris attracted a large number of female fans, militia warriors, Chris lofil, the army of Kartonoists and Kartonoism. Protestant Christian himself found his fullness of joy by serving Jesus Christ and true calling in oratory, his leadership style was successful because it established an interactive relationship with the people, through which he was able to induce people's strong faith in him. Starting from youth, " Si Raja Hata " begin his travel in speaking with microphone by become 1st Champion in Junior High School Story Telling Competition [Francis Day]. And going further, when in the high school competition held by LPMP called Indonesian School Debating Championship, he begin his oratory journey as a young debater and this was proven when since his very youth time " revolutionary man " successfully become the best speaker in Lampung and represented SMAN 2 Bandar Lampung as the 2nd winner in Lampung goes into the 2009 ISDC, was held by the Association for Critical Thinking [ACT] at LPMP DKI Jakarta, South Jakarta. Indonesian School Debating Championship delegation represent Indonesia in the ASDC event [Manila, Philippines] and also into the final round at WSDC [Doha, Qatar]. His interests are the interface between International Law and Indonesian Law, and improving legal education. He speaks both Indonesia and English. Chris K. Silaen finished his law degree officialy from Lampung University [Unila] and graduated his law school in FHP Edulaw Law School Jakarta, Indonesia. Christian Kartono is a licensed Advocate and a member of the Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI). Young Advocate Christian Kartono is also member of the Indonesian Young Lawyers Committee (YLC). Besides being the best vocalist and his singing career, nowadays to pursue one of his big vision and dream for Indonesia, ultimately " Militia Lieutenant " C. Kartono begin his political journey as a Politician by take a part in PDI-P [Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan], as a young politician. He is the king of creative genius, authentic, talkative, unique, special and different, Kartono Silaen " Mirah Delima " Banteng Muda Indonesia Young Cadre and A Head Secretary of BKN [Badan Kebudayaan Nasional] PDI-P Bandar Lampung Region. Because of His calling to serve, in every occasion of worship, Christian Kartono often was asked about the “Christian band/Christian music” label and had the following to say: "My songs are a part of my life. By saying Christian, it's not only because my name or genre or whatever, Christian Kartono is a Christian because of my Faith. Christian Rock is not a genre, the true meaning of Christian Rock is by serving God as an Ambassador of Christ Kingdom in this world". Anointed Adv. Christian Kartono A.S, S.H. obviously destined for joy, peace, love, respect, authority, harmony, victory, glory, beauty, majesty, legacy, truth, wisdom, justitia, blessings and greatness. Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum, by the power of the name of Jesus Christ, the only One who has conquered all, according to God's justice and God's truth. Garuda Pancasila, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, Supernatural Indonesia, Shalom (שָׁלוֹם).


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