TARING - Winner of W:O:A Metal Battle Indonesia 2019

TARING - Winner of W:O:A Metal Battle Indonesia 2019

Instagram: @taring_official | Facebook: TaringHardcore | Twitter: @taringhardcore
Email: taring.kausatajam@gmail.com
YouTube: Taring Official | Spotify: Taring | Apple Music: Taring

Taring formed in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia in 2013, consisted of Bandung's Hardcore well-known musicians: Hardy Rosady (Vocal), Angga Kusuma (Guitar), Gebeg (Drums) and Ferry (Bass) as their first formation. They released their first album, Nazar Palagan in 2014 by Grimloc Records, an album with the taste of Hardcore, Rock, Metal, Stoner even Sludge. In 2016, their second album with Progressive nuance, Orkestrasi Kontra Senyap released by Grimloc Records, followed by their new single "Slaptika" that was nominated as "Best Metal/Hardcore" in Indonesia Music Awards.

Featuring their new bassist, Yuwan Ariestiyan, Taring got invited as the opening band for Madball's Concert in Bangkok, Thailand in 2017, began touring across Java, Indonesia, and did their first Japan tour in 2019.

Active Members:
Hardy Rosady : Vocal | Angga Kusuma : Guitar | Yuwan Ariestiyan : Bass | Gebeg : Drums


Nazar Palagan
(Grimloc Records/2014)

Orkestrasi Kontra Senyap
(Grimloc Records/2016)




"Kontra Kebisuan"

"Kata-Kata Belum Binasa"

"Nazar Palagan"


"Kekal Menjalang" (2015)


"Slaptika" Feat. Doddy Hamson (2018)


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