Four young dreamers, every of them has different musical thoughts and soul which gather them into a band called "YANKEE BROTHERS". Carrying Pop Rock Experimental genre, Yankee Brothers trying to burn young desire, passion, thoughts, power, and spirit through their easy listening songs that hit on hearts of everyone who heard it .

Yankee Brothers Officially established on July 4, 2013 . Starting from the same hobbies and interests of music , Rendy and Fajar were performing Tribute To The Beatles at Maitrin Lounge and Cafe, they agreed to form a band. A band that can last a long time is the band that its personnel have fused inwardly as well as a willingness to understand each other. That's the reason why Rendy takes the Lead Vocal/Guitar and Fajar as a guitarist. Fajar asked Vincent, one of their childhood friend to play bass in the band.

Through the various proposals and debates , these four young ambitious specify the name Band which may symbolize characteristics and the band is clearly on finally it was decided " Yankee Brothers " as the official name Band . sticking to principle , and to be strong in realizing ambition. These words inspired by the figure Hanamichi Sakuragi ( One of the figures Anime Slam Dunk ) stubborn , not to be outdone , never give up , and vigorously . Said the proposed by Rendy is expected to inspire each personnel in order to follow the example of figure Hanamichi Sakuragi and describes the characteristics of the Yankee Brothers firm and
determined in total . While the additional word " Brothers " itself describe the intimacy and closeness of the four  personnel as brother like this .

After a few weeks of Yankee Brothers still lack personnel to Drum fills part . Fajar then propose a reliable drummer on campus for the invite to join . Only through a few times meeting and jamming sessions , Dimas elected to fill the drum and officially joined the band with pertimbanagn that feels Dimas have a desire , the soul and the ' feel ' similar music

Talking about music influence, all of Yankee Brothers members are the big fans of Hopeless Records artist. All Time Low is the biggest influence in Yankee Brothers music. Then, there are The Beatles, McFLY, Blink 182, We Are The In Crowds, and many other bands that influence our music.

Until now, Yankee Brothers had released 4 songs:
1. "500 Days"

2. "Something Crazy Called Love"

3. "We're Not Going Down"

4. "Kaulah Yang Terindah"


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Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/yankeebrothers

Reverbnation: https://reverbnation.com/yankeebrothers

Blog: www.yankeebrothers.blogspot.com


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