Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun

Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun (UTBBYS) is an instrumental post-rock which created since 13th of August, 2007 in Bandung – Indonesia and they still playing post rock music until today. UTBBYS has being founder by three Mans which is Yadi (komeng), Ibend and Apo. The reason they build a post-rock band it’s because they have the same taste of music. They music inspired of famous post-rock band, such as Explosion in the Sky, Caspian, This Will Destroy You, Sigur Ros, Mono, Mogwai, etc. On their journey, their members come and out for one and another reason. Today, the personal of UTBBYS are Yadi (treble guitar bow & noisy sounds), Ranyay (low guitar & experimental bell), Ezza (middle guitar & harmony sounds), Didi (Bass) and Koi (Drum). The name of band itself was taken from their life philosophy which beautiful and a lot of story and it’s always inspiring them to make such beautiful sounds of music in Under the Big Bright Yellow Sun. Since 2007, UTBBYS has released a few single track song, join into compilations album and their very first album titled “Painting of Life” which is have been released on March 2012. UTBBYS continues to productive new songs until today and their second album “Quintessential Turmoil” released in 2014. During 2007 to 2016, UTBBYS has performance in a lot of place at small or big event, such as KICKFEST 2011 and KICKFEST 2012, EIGER Music Camp, also for International gigs in Singapore, Lyrics not Include (2013) and Mosaic Festival (2014). UTBBYS also have some achievement in their music carrier, such as become the higher album sales on January 2012 which is continues until the end of February 2012 on ITUNES Indonesia (Indotunes). UTBBYS also, achieved first place for the higher sales single song from their first album, titled “Time Is Near”.  And in the end of the year, nominated for "Best Post-Rock Song" from Indonesian Cutting Edge Music Award 2012 at Rolling Stone Café. This achievement it’s proofing their existence of one of the most wanted Indonesian post-rock band. UTBBYS’S music is a reflection of their daily life. These feeling of happy, sad, grateful, desperate, depresses, or anger. Those feeling reflected to their music arrangement. UTBBYS don’t want to be glued with the post-rock pattern that’s identically with gloomy and monotones sound. They do some experiment and sounds exploration many times. Bow’s application sounds exploration with various guitar effects, using ambient sound and also experimental bell become the character of UTBBYS.


081313005273 - Udjie (Manager)