The Lost Archers

We are The Lost Archers a Hardcore Band from Bandung, similiar type like Comeback Kid, FC Five, Miles Away, The Great Divide, Kids on The Move, etc. We call ourselves “Archers”. Man who always carried bow and arrows on his back. When they get lost in the middle of nowhere, they could and have to survive. Finding the way out and turn back to the path they belong to. Those are same like us, the stories back at the first time we kept the promises on 2010 to create a band with the same visions, and Hardcore is our choice of music. The band called “One Eye Open”. One year and a half we play the band together with our own songs gigs to gigs, cities to cities, until we heard some bad issues about our band’s name. Provocative ? Surely those name are provocative, but in fact what their think about our name’s definition are exactly so far not the same with our's. With those tragedies, at the middle of 2012 we agreed to change our name with the same old persons, old visions, and same old music. Yes, we are change. We are not “One Eye Open” anymore, from now we call ourselves “The Lost Archers”. And now what means of “The Lost Archers”? You know what it means if you would read back to the first three lines of this sort story. Check "Wasted My Time" Music Video Available on Youtube:


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