Early 2019,Band From North Beach (PANTURA) - Central Java, Indonesia. Newflag, officially released its first single entitled "Militancy". This single carries the Hardcore / metal genre with a dominant Oldschool Hardcore and Thrash Metal touch as well as a slight NuMetal Arrangement accompaniment giving a harmonious and solid feel and ambient. In the vocal segment, "Militancy" also features loud and fast vocal characters to describe the emotions and lyrics messages in them. Newflag was Born in June 2019 with the formation of Irani Fazagani (Vocal), Ega Gilar (Guitar), Tegar Blasz (Bass) and Deady Sukma (Drum). Released on April 04th 2020, the video "Militancy" directed by Nasir Muhammad with Release singles on several digital platforms. This single represents the character of the music of Newflag with a composition of arrangements that are Fast, Solid, Simple and easily to sing a long by the listener's ears. While the lyrics that are in this song tend to lead to emotional and straightforward language and loud so that it brings the listener to a more contemplative atmosphere and can present the messages contained in the lyrics. "Through Newflag, we try to become a media to represent social conditions and motivate positive attitudes by revealing stories both personally and those closest to us that have only been buried by ourselves. The single 'Militancy' itself tells about the unyielding spirit of dealing with social conditions and provides a positive attitude in themselves to inspire their listeners, "Irani said through a press release. "Like its philosophy which was inspired by Kopaska motto," Tan Hana Wighna Tan Sirna "which means" There are no insurmountable obstacles ", concluded Irani. In singles distributed by Aresmusik, Newflag takes Hardcore music references from musicians such as Agnostic Front, Madball , SLAYER, Slipknot, Walls Of Jericho, Born From Pain, Rise Of The Northstar,etc. With Music compositions written mostly by Tegar and lyrics written by Irani and recorded on dosathstudio by Jengky Dosath and Mixing Mastering by Joe at INFERNO studio Surabaya. This inaugural single is expected to be the first step for Newflag to give a new color to the music scene in this country.


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