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Artist Bio Modal close icon A little story about our trip so far, once the band is named Tinkerbell who first established on 10 July 2008 that personnel bogel (voc guitar + I) Ares (bass) Ama (drums) and Iqbal (guitar II), Thank God we had a band Go to the races held in our area and it is certainly an honor for us all. But one day one of our personnel Iqbal resigned, while we continue to run despite the band's three threes, and shortly thereafter we decided to dissolve our band as a result of a conflict between us. After a long start terpikirlah for us all to resaind and create a new project exactly on the 28th of September 2008 stood STUART LITTLE which at that time pesonilnya bogel (voc + guitar) Alip (bass) and Ega (drums) just a few months of running our re confusing because Alip who resigned due to moving house, until finally we decided to bring back as editional Ares. Ares is quite a long time in this band about three monthly bad thing was happening again. Ares resigned as personnel due to focus on one band that was on live it as well, but we do not give up until we finally decided to invite Cunex and Riska to join us to replace the bassist Ares. And this is the formation of our band is now bogel (voc + guitar) Aldy (Guitar) Ega (drums) and Febby (bass) Riska (vocals). we brought the genre of pop punk. Thanks to all who've supported us, we hope the music Stuart Little can be accepted by all parties.


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