Speed Zero Meter

Speed Zero Meter (SZM) was born in jakarta on latest january 2007, Was built by two brothers Regha and Gamma. Influenced by thrash metal legends such as ; Megadeth, Metallica, Kreator, etc. SZM put the vocal in double possition also as a lead guitar. SZM as a generally was a metalcore band, but specificly was applicated by some death metal beat, thrash metal chord, and harmonic notes, So as our deal we had named our genre “Jakarta Death Metalcore” . Inside our music we put some melody guitar, harmonic chords, groovy drum, blasting, and some kind like that. Speed Zero Meter’s name is mean a speed that have to come back again down to the zero point, it is about speed that running in rotation. So, it’s completely fast. In early 2010 SZM release the first album “Half Life To Defense” , all of the songs inside it talking about government, politic, war, humanity,and voices of freedom. In conclusion, SZM is a Death Metalcore band that sounding people’s voices to the public and especially to the government. And hopefully our slur can be motivated the government to drag all the people into the better way.


Arya - 081298609302

Email : speedzerometer.indonesia@gmail.com