SATURNIAN MUSIC BIOS Saturnian is an alternative Post Rock band based in South of Jakarta. Formed in early 2019. The band's name came from Saturn ( Latin: Saturnus latin pronunciation: is a God in ancient Roman religion, and a character in myth. His reign was depicted as a Golden Age of plenty and peace. Of or pertaining to Saturn, whose age or reign, from the mildness and wisdom of his government, is called the golden age. Hence: resembling the golden age; distinguished for peacefulness, happiness and contentment. Saturn the planet and Saturday are both named after the God. The Saturnian musical style is described as having many influences from very different musical genres such as Rock Music, Jazz Music, Electro Dance Music, Eclectic Music, Psychedelic & World Music. The band is known for their ambient and eclectic sounds and unique covers, sending’s odes to bands like Mars Volta, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Frank Zappa, Black Dub, Screaming Headless Torso, John Zorn, Naked City, Bjork and etc. The first founding members were Ali Fahrudin Djohan A.K.A Alifa Djohan jr ( Acoustic and Electric Guitar) and had also joined Indra Bayu Rusadi ( Contra Bass / Electric Bass ) and Muhammad Djohari A.K.A Bjo ( Lead Singer) and Fanny A.K.A Ivan ( Drums ). Soon they ready their 1st EP release.


Dicky Dienussalam (0822-1173-4366)