Pollyphora is an indie pop band originally formed in Tangerang, Indonesian in 2018. Taking the name of "Polly" which in other languages ​​means Bitter and Sadness, Polly describes the character of the "Phora" taken from the word "Lophophora" which in other languages ​​is Flowering Cactus. Everyone knows that Cactus is a plant that holds a lot of Sadness and Bitter with most thorny shape and grow in arid places. Taking the name Pollyphora, we hope that our music will Grow and Flowering even though it lives in the middle of society's aridity. Pollyphora is a music project from Irfan Mochammad, Ariq Firmusetia Putra, Dimas Widi Nugroho, Raka Aprilyana, Maulana Ilham Syah, and Andreansyah. Our Indie Pop music is also given a touch of instruments such as Electro / Synthesizers, so that the combination creates a sweet music atmosphere. So far we have released Two Singles: I'll Get You (2019) and Dream Catcher (2020). Then we are preparing our next songs.


Adit +62 822-9712-4200