Ohcrana is a rock band from Bandung, formed in August 2016 (formerly known as The Youth Attention Project) with several member changes. It consists of vocalist Toto Susanto, guitarist Eric Putra Anggara, guitarist Andhika Bangkit, bassist Destian Patrianagara, and drummer Nabila Safira Putri. Influenced by famous rock bands like Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Guns and Roses, and, Skid Row. They have released their single, "404" in 2019. In high school, Toto, Eric, and Destian had known each other since high school and often had band practice together. After high school, Dhika and Nabila came along and joined the band with a sense of musical arrangement and the same taste in music, so they started to write their own songs and later played at local gigs and events. The band was named after “Anarcho” spelled backward become “Ohcrana” meaning that the band was not after anarchy but only for the music and fun. The initial guitar riff for "404" is being written in 2018, but the song, released as a single in 2019.