• Ade Maolana

  • Radityo Pramono Adi

    Bass/back voc
  • Angga Kusumah

    Drum/back voc

Three guys in Bandung rural area, suddenly met by pure accident. Nevershine started as band with Angga (drum), and Ade (guitar,voc) in it. Fast forward few years, other members have left them due personal interest. Adi (bass), joined after a friend’s friend introduced him. Adi himself have joined in several bands and musxial projects. Deep rooted in British Rock, although the three has diverse and sometime ecletic musical taste which contributes in Nevershine’s music. Ade played lush and unique chord voicing, drenched in chorus with just a hint of delay. But can be hard and rocking when needed. Angga then lay the beat with a lot of free-form and jammy atmosphere. Adi will complete the mix with melodic and yet filling lines. Nevershine has released an EP as their first endeavor to enter the musicians realm. Their recent plan is to get as many gigs as possible while strving to continue to refined their sound. 


you can also check our EP here :

Angga : 0838-2112-2069 Ade : 081220043565


Angga : 0838-2112-2069 Ade : '081220043565

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