Neurosesick is a 4 piece hardcore/punk Malang, East Java. Standing with Fajar (Vocal), Antok (Guitar), Hajar (Bass) and Frendy (Add drum). Spawned debut EP on 2012 called INTO THE HOLOCAUST (Rock n Terror Recs) and make a breakthrough. Then in 2014 followed by full length album, REFUSE RESIST EXIST which released on tape (Tarung Recs and Hell is Other Records) and CD (Resting Hell Industry), got a great response not just in Indonesia, but also in Malaysia and Singapore. Die hard worker band, after 1st album they release a new EP called SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS which co-produced and released by Alaium Records who ran by Daniel Mardhany (Deadsquad). Daniel also give his beast vocal on two track called Terpasung Sumpah and Petaka Neraka. After finish East Java - Bali tour who held on mid of June 2016, Neurosesick back to studio to record new song for their upcoming split with Lousiana, US Sludge Punk, Wartrodden. This split will be release on tape by Tarung Records. Neurosesick are breaking boundaries in Malang hardcore scene with 'weird' music. As well through their vicious on-stage presence, Neurosesick crushes everything in their path with a vehement and more crust punk/d-beat-driven aggression outward. With socio-political lyrics combined with darkest and aggrasive music, Neurosesick is all out war against injustice and racism. Its sound and lyrics assault the listener in a fury of blackened death filled anthems. All of it set to one of the heaviest and most punishing hardcore ever


Phone/Whatsapp: '081334556635 (Kentunk) BBM: 5A98C79F Email: Instagram: @neurosesick_official