Morfin, a Death Metal band from Bandung, Indonesia starting from the end of 2011. It all started from the friendship of four young people who are excited about Death Metal. They are Alwan who later became a Vocalist, Hendrik later became a Guitarist, Azay later became a Bassist, and then Adis later became the Drummer. Since it was first formed, Morfin is starting to make some songs under the influence of Death Metal bands such as: Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Mass Infection, Fallen Figure,dll. but it's just the formation took place is uncertain and still feels fragile, In 2013 there are personnel changes back they are Wafi Firgiawansyah who later became a Vocalist, Jimmy Zaelani later became a Guitarist, Ade Zaelani later became a Bassist, and then Adis Taufik later became the Drummer. They recorded 6 songs (EP) theme SOUL OF MADNESS in the year 2015, titled: "Intro", "Systematic The Collapse", "Sinners Dooms", “Massacre Intern Relegion”, “Prostitusi”, And “Soul Of Madness(Instrument)”. Armed with 6 songs, they started doing stage to stage in a small underground scene and the local in Bandung and its surroundings. Do be more intense and often in different stages, in 2016 Some constraints come from personnel changes to other problems that forced Morfin to revamp the position of Drummer. Still in the year 2016 Morfin Help By "Nadzir" with the new line-up, Morfin get up and start exploring the local underground stages in Bandung and other cities and will also continue the process of their first album. "MORFIN" now with our newest lineup consists of: -Wafi (vocals) -Jimy (guitar) -Ade (Bass) -Nadzir (drums) "MORFIN" Aims to make Great brutality on our music, the music of death metal has become our blood, we will give our best to all connoisseurs of death metal, Morfin is still Preparing their debut Album musicality that much progress is becoming increasingly complex and diverse! (source:


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