Monkey Straight

along with its running time around the year 2011 last end, we simultaneously want to create a new work. although in the midst of limitations but we remain disciplined and start a new work also dare to be different. as following the line that has fill in. after we went through several phases and time we began to think more openly in the beginning of 2016-2017 we started this work again even though it had a vacuum again for a while finally in 2019 we have started again the concept / material that we have prepared with wisdom and gratitude for all experiences that will make us more advanced, overseen by Boy (guitar), adjie (Vocal), dani (bass), indra (drums) we begin to be consistent again and spur our adrenaline to be with millions of musicians / artists of the nation who will always maintain the musicality of this country to be able to start performing abroad, we are sure and we have started again, moving forward the work of generations of people who have a great Indonesian culture.


+62 812-2279-5169 (boy)