The band was officially formed in 2018 with formation, Andy Rommy as Vocalist, Zen as Guitarist, Ucis as Guitarist, Teddy Anggara as Bassist and John Fazrin as Drummer. Starting from several members of the Fierce band which at that time consisted of Andy Rommy, Ucis, and John Fazrin. They have recorded several songs in their first EP. Zen, at that time had participated in the first song singles from Fierce as the beginning of Fierce formed, in 2016 ago. Some changes to Fierce members have been experienced for around two years until 2018, resulting in vacuum in some time. The change continued to the fourth time until Zen was invited to be played as Guitarist and Teddy Anggara as Bassist in 2018. And changed its name to Mirrorclipse. Carrying the same theme as Fierce, Metal. Mirrorclipse reveals less light music, with new things, some parts of the backing clean vocal from Ucis. Guitar sounds are a little soft and variations of the Metal Oldschool technique. Mirrorclipse is active again in the underground scene in Bandung. Mirrorclipse has made five music tracks in the form of its first EP entitled "Equilibrium". A sense of anxiety towards the personnel themselves in facing themselves. "In Real" has also become the first single to sit in the top row. Mirrorclipse is now a new identity for members of previous metal bands. With new music and passion.


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