Mirrorclipse is a band that was founded in 2017 in Bandung, Indonesia. After making two changes to the formation from the beginning until now, Mirrorclipse will still focus on running to spread feelings of anxiety in this life in a piece of music. Is an insight of appreciation when the first single "In Real" was released. Until finally, released their first EP album, "Equilibrium". An album that can revive the continuation of Mirrorclipse's personnel into the underground music scene industry again. Previously they were from a combination of several different bands. Beginning with a mere collaboration to become a serious project, Mirrorclipse will continue its journey through time after time with its loud boom. Now the band is fronted by Ucis as the guitarist, Zen as the guitarist, Teddy on bass, John Fazrin as the drummer and Teguh as the vocalist. "This is an exciting challenge for us actually when we have to unite a different style of metal into a music. The sharp and dark sound of the vocalist is sometimes more blackened than the tone of the song itself, but instead, that challenge is the color of the music we are more colorful and unique, something quite far from our previous expectations. Like uniting this genre in a narrow container, we have to give up on one another. " - Review Ucis when covered by several reading media, 2019.


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