Dary and Fiqih are founding members while Rex, a friend of Fiqih joined in 2019 and Mondy, Ben, Devan joined in late 2020. DARIU has released their debut single "GONE" which represents their situation after the break up of Seventh Sky. On March 19th 2020 the band released "And That's Okay". It's been added to 2 Spotify Editorial Playlists making it their most streamed song so far. "And That's Okay is basically about that phase when you had a crush on someone that you can't have. It's a fun song but if you listen closely to the lyrics it's kinda ironic" The band plans to release more "Exciting" stuffs in 2021. Become DARIUFRIENDS now : Spotify : DARIU Instagram : @officialdariu Facebook : DARIU YouTube : DARIU