Doodle Time Stories

Doodle Time Stories : or DTS for short, are Kevin (Vocal), Firqi (Bass), Dims (Guitar), and Vincent(Drum/Percussion), the band’s base homeland is Jakarta City which located in Indonesia. DTS’s genre is Pop-Punk and we’re call it Doodle Music as a brand. they are inspired by many bands in line such as State Champs,NFG,Bodyjar and Neck Deep. Speaking of the history of the band it self, DTS actually began with the name of “Dead time Stories” but due the name is to metal-ish and lack of Pop-Punk elements, they decided to change the name into “Doodle Time Stories” without get rid the whole name of the band. Disparate from the old one, they show the signification and the value of “Doodle Time Stories” which basically means, instead of they do nothing they will create something. When they havelots of free time, they consider their songs as their “Doodle” which means streaks or drawing that done while they bored. So basically, “Doodle Time Stories” is a bunch of teenagers that create their own stories by making songs which considered as their “Doodle”. full length album Love, life and every inch of the stories (2017) available at digital platform such as joox, spotify, apple music etc. Youtube :


+6281219894572 (Romano) / +6285775585258 (Sue)