Detected Overall

DETECTED OVERALL, often abbreviated as D.O, are a Disaster punk band from Tangerang, Indonesia, was formed at november 10th 2008.

they built a reputation around their powerful live performances, with lyrics covering topics like personal struggle, love, and artificiality. Their music & performance was critically acclaimed as something "that will melt your face and leave you wanting more."

D.O, formally known as DETECTED OVERALL. DETECTED OVERALL, is formed by Dhias & kiting, and it named by drummer, Kiting. 
they had several times to replace members in the bass & guitar section. 
from early 2014, DETECTED OVERALL create a big Revolutions about they players, music, image, and soul.

M. Miftahul Khoir (Miftah) replacing Michael Sebastian (Metay) position as a Guitar&vocal and Ari gigih (Argi) replacing yudha nugraha (kiting) position as a drummer since he go to work out for his lifeplan. 

from now on, DETECTED OVERALL are: 
R.M. Widhiasta putra / Dhias (Guitar . vocal) , M.Miftahul Khoir / Miftah (Guitar . vocal) , Herumaulana / Eces (Bass) , Ari Gigih / Argi (Drums) was released their full length debut album Called "MATISURI" in 31 december 2016.