Colours And Carousels

Colours And Carousels is an Indonesian metalcore band from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. 
Who were formed in the middle of 2011. by Aldy Afriansyah (Vocals), Hamzah Ir (Lead Guitar), 
Iqbal Nursyamsi (Rythm Guitar), Ryan Galih (Bass), Fauzan Yahdiyan (Drums). 
With the differences in the way we think, we have tried to decide our life goals to be a great one goal, 
to be a something that you’ve never seen before! Fast forward in the middle of 2012 Ryan (Bass) resigned 
for focus on something that he thought is more important. Iqbal made himself to replace Ryan as a bass 
player. Then Lucky (Guitar) came to change Iqbal position until now and hopefully this line up will 
be forever until God shut us up.

We have spent a lot of time to create music in hopes that you would sing along. 
We've got it good, whether you like us or not, we will keep create the music. 


'0896-9404-4099 (Zacky) line : depthbase