Bleu House

After releasing a Mini Album titled "Feelings" last October 2019, Finally they just released their 4th single, "IDWSG", January 17th, 2020. IDWSG is made with instruments that are more enriched with a better mixing and mastering process than the previous single. "IDWSG" or can be called "I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye", has electronic elements, emotional, warm touch instruments, accompanied by elements of Conga which seemed perfect to fill the song. This song is a personal experience of one of the members of the BLEU HOUSE. Fitha: "This song is written and packaged both by Mamoy for listeners who are feeling LDR (Long Distance Relationship) or couples who feel falling in love again to the same person or to accompany listeners who are feeling their solitude on the journey, where when it rains, it becomes full of happiness." BLEU HOUSE is an electro-pop band from Bandung, Indonesia. They were formed in late 2018 with personnel; Mamoy (vocals, guitar, and synthesizer), Fitha (vocals and synthesizer), Ratih (backing vocals and keyboard), and Dipga (drums). BLEU HOUSE has released 3 singles entitled "Waste My Time" (December 10, 2018), "Sign" (January 3, 2019), and "Where Are You? Where Are You?" (February 22, 2019).


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