BLEU HOUSE is Indonesian based electronic pop band formed in late 2017, BLEU HOUSE consist with member are Mamoy Frengers, Wildan Yuflih, and Silfitha. In early 2017, Mamoy and Wildan are co-workers at one of the company and finally they decided to start making a band. Previously, Mamoy was a member of the electronic band called Hefens which is partnered with Silfitha. Then she decided to be as a part of the band. Taking their name from French means Blue. BLEU HOUSE combines electro-pop with many genre like R&B, including lo-fi sound. After 1 year BLEU HOUSE release first single Waste My Time which was release on 3 December 2018, they are currently preparing for the new release Full Album in 2019.


Email - Anna - 082119086543