BELATOR is the name for our band which was founded for the first time in a proper music event in October 2016. consisting of our partners OKA. starting from a joke and continues to become more intimate again and we start looking for personnel. and the first member we recruited was iweng (bass) with his sod and also accompanied by his colleague. but with the same vision and mission, the belator was born until now the belator himself carries the metalcore genre. in this band at the staff by 5 personnel who are drawn from: 1. RIKI ISKANDAR (VOCAL) 2. OKA (GUITAR 1) 3. BILLY (GUITAR 2) 4. IWENG (BASS) 5. EFUL (DRUM) Some of our events have been here community events to events from tenders. As for our single, entitled "PENA HITAM" can be heard through reverbnation on search belatorSMI, IG belatorofficial


contak person : billy 081572931433 eful 085794609294 oka 085819885819, email