Bali boys who have been acculturated with Yogyakarta culture influenced by pop culture music. The group consists of Rio on Vocal, Dode - Bagus on Guitar, and Chandra on Drum. The music project was started in 2014, They debut took a successful way by winning Hai Day Band Competition 2014. Astera had released singles "Want You to Know" and "Twenty" in 2018, the songs went on to receive positive feedback. The band's debut EP "I'm Okay, I'm Not Okay" was released in 2019. Besides going on shows around Bali-Yogyakarta Astera had also performed for various festivals in 2019 from Land of Leisures, Solevacation #4, Exposures, Jogja Migunani x Mech Some Noise and recently opening for Svmmerdose Tour 2020.


Management Astera Satria Wiratmaja - 081237384838