Falling In Love with Ghost, Fighting Demons, and Trust Issues “What would you do if you we’re in my shoes?” that question always lingering on a 19 years old man who trying to find himself. Peoples getting hurt and hurting each other, when $ickmind writing “$car” he realized that when you are in bottomless pit, the only way to get out is to look up. Trias Dhirgantara is a street poems who likes to observe and feels what happen in his surroundings. Despite of his appearance, he looks more complicated inside. Every night he had to fighting with his demons, contemplating about something that never happen, and his past relationship with his first love, friends, and family. The music that he write often depressing but in a good way. The lyrics he writes perhaps sound taboo in this country, but he brought that to the surface so whenever people listen to $ickmind they can relate about what he said. His motivation for doing music is to let people know that they are not alone. In his EP ‘The $ame Dagger Won’t Kill Me Twice’ will bring us into a journey about a man who really sick and tired about how the world treated him, but at the end of the stories he ‘died’ and changing into something stronger. There is six tracks on this EP. Every track tells different story and mood. The stories start with ‘Gho$t’ the narration tells about how he loves this girl who never really “there” for him. He realized that this relationship won’t go anywhere, so in conclusion that if he want to move on he must letting go all the memories, pain, and make peace with the past. But this particularly girl is always haunting him, just like a ghost, she keep haunting but she never there. The finale in this EP is ‘Badtrip’ this is the moment when ‘Dhirgantara’ is died, but then he resurrect and changes all of his perspective about love, friend, and himself. ‘The $ame Dagger Won’t Kill Me Twice’ is available on all digital streaming platforms. With its release, $ickmind hopes that everybody won’t feeling alone anymore and be not afraid of showing emotions.